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E-Coat (PT-CED) Line

Electrophoretic deposition is a term for industrial process. JBDS Power have deals in electrocoating, e-coating, cathodic electrodeposition, anodic electrodeposition, and electrophoretic coating and electrophoretic painting.

Wet Booths

Wet type paint booths are widely used for the purpose of spray painting. Instead of collecting overspray in filters, a constant stream of water collects the over spray paint particles from the air. The sludge collected in the water tank is removed and disposed off regularly.

Powder Booths

Powder- coat process entails the application of electrostatically charged particles onto the surface of the substrate. In a typical powder-coating system, a feeder unit delivers the powder to an electrostatic gun. The feeder unit also controls the flow of powder to the gun.

JBDS POWER is one of the prominent manufacturers of a wide range of industrial ovens. The company has been catering to the engineering industry with top quality industrial ovens for over 10 years.

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